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“These alternative metallers showed Los Angeles a performance not to forget. This band definitely had a great deal of integrity going on in their music, combining elements such as Incubus with real melodic tones, chords and hard heavy riffs similar to Rage Against The Machine. Benvenue don’t care for the local trends and their creative efforts are extremely rare and powerful…you can appreciate the tremendous musicianship and professionalism this band maintains, and from what we could see, these guys will go far. Their performance was really amazing.”
–Erik Cameron, METALASSAULT.COM, August 4, 2010

“With a sound combining metal and eclectic rock, the group deems themselves „melodic hard rock—and what an apt description. With Jean Elizabeth as their first album to be released, it will be interesting to see where the Berkeley natives will go…and with such a combination of sounds, it is undoubted that they are going places. The album starts off a little harsher than it ends, and upon multiple listens, Blay’s vocal stylings eerily resemble early Incubus Brandon Boyd more and more. The intro is a funky menagerie of sounds which leads into the heavier electric strokes of Here’s to You and She Did. ‟Be Your Own‟ starts off quick paced, takes a detour with some slow and heavy guitar and bass (head banger‟s joy), before speeding up again with a harmonized repetition of the chorus. Each track compliments the last, but with enough variance that you don’t get bored…With a combination of hip hop inspiration, salsa, and a little bit of drum and base, the outro confirms the initial suspicion that Benvenue is not your typical rock band. Keep an ear out for these guys in the future.”
–Tiffany Tomaszewski, THELIVEOC.COM, November 16, 2010

“The four members of Berkeley’s Benvenue look too young to have been operating in the late Eighties or early Nineties, but their music accurately replicates the hard rock of that era. They have all the right accoutrements, from bellowy vocals, to flannel shirts, to airy, melodic guitar lines. If you’re a sucker for that stuff, then “On My Way” is the apex of this EP.”
–Rachel Swan, EAST BAY EXPRESS, October 27, 2010

“Their debut EP entitled Jean Elizabeth was released on October 5th to wide appeal with a sound completely unique to the band, yet reminiscent of the classic metal days of Rage Against the Machine
and Incubus. Their propelling, seamless sound is hard-hitting with an undeniably unique blend of pure rock, hard metal, and a dash of alternative, with songs “She Did” and “Be Your Own.” Hooking you in with addictive rhythms, the band brings out their heavy metal side with a hard-hitting, high-energy lead by the colossal voice of Blay in conjunction with the addition of Slater‟s poignant vocals and guitar work, making this modern metal band one to add to your music collection.”
–Dana Feldman, EXAMINER.COM, November 17, 2010

“There are some big nasty guitar hooks on some of the tracks but where Sid Slater really shines on guitar is on the more moody psychedelic meandering he peppers this record with. Moon is good with this unit because he has a nice post punk feel that gives this music a nice tight hit. Francis Blay is the singer and he is very strong and very good. Most importantly for me is I really get the sense that Blay and the rest of Benvenue get actual joy from the music they play it’s very apparent on these recordings and I am looking forward to catching these kids live if I get the chance. I think these guys have a really good shot of building a fan base. I really like this band and I will be keeping tabs on them. What’s up with the bay area putting out the best music in 2010?”
–Jason Lally, REALROCKREPORT.COM, October 2010

“…collaborating together as a strongly unified band, these guys have formed a unique musical sound, mixing aspects of hip-hop, rock and jazz, creating not just a great album, but an experience. This album is Blue October meets Hoobastank, with classic, head-bobbing guitar riffs reminiscent of those used by Nirvana, and drum solos Rob Bourdon would be a bit jealous of…If you like new, unique musical experiences, then be sure to check out Benvenue’s, Jean Elizabeth.”
–ROCK.COM, November 2010

“While the intro riff of “Here’s to You” does recall a little of that Tom Morello-esque funk, the entire record drips of S.C.I.E.N.C.E.-era Incubus, right down to the production style…Jean Elizabeth is a damn good record. 21/8 brings powerful choruses and layered guitars that immediately capture your ears before throwing down a bit of jazz/fusion breaks. “No Way” contains a lot of breathing room on the verses, but when the band hits the chorus, once again they sound huge. “Be Your Own” is a full-on rock assault that does non-stop from beginning to end…Listening to this with headphones on, it becomes apparent that these guys can really play. Guitarist SID SLATER, Bassist TOMMY ALDO SONIN, and drummer MOON lock in a multi-genre sound that easily makes way for FRANCIS BLAY’s incredible voice.”
–James Kahn, KIKAXEMUSIC.COM, October 11, 2010